Essential Things to Know Before Reading a Web Hosting Review

Essential Things to Know Before Reading a Web Hosting Review

To find the perfect place host websites, most business people turn to the web hosting review, from top sites like HostMonk, CNET, or whoishostingthis. These sites determine the web host performance by looking at several factors.

First, they analyse the load speed, which is the how fast the website loads when the user access any page. They also gauge the host sites by the uptime; which is the time the site is operational. The feedback and rating from the customers, control panel usability, plan details, and support, are also used as performance criteria.

Using these performance indicators, they rank the site in a web hosting review. Here are some good top performers, that don’t miss out on the top 10 list every year. They include:

1. InMotion Hosting

Many small businesses prefer the website for extra free features at no added cost. Some of the features include free backups, all-around support from experts with live chat, optimised WordPress plans, and charges at $2.95 each month.

2. SiteGround

To small businesses with WordPress needs, it’s also an attractive option with all-around customer care support, fast load times and monthly charges at $3.95

3. Bluehost Cloud

It’s also a strong contender for the top 5 sites, with fast load times, customer support and monthly charges starting at $5.95.

4. iPage

With over 1 million hosts, and being in the business for ten years, it suitable for beginners with the ability to support shopping carts. It lowly priced at $1.99 per month.

5. A2 Hosting

It provides users with unlimited storage, customer support, and money back guarantees. It’s also very fast with load times of 353ms and uptime of 99.94%.

Different Plans You Can Request After Selecting the Web Page Host

After reading the web hosting review and you’re ready to start; they are different web hosting options available to you. They include:

Shared Hosting

Every webhosting review considers the shared hosting when ranking. It’s a type of web hosting, where different sites are found on one server, and customers share the resources. If you find an advertisement for low prices, like $0.01 hosting, it’s likely to be shared hosting. One server may have hundreds of websites, and the disadvantage is having to share resources. It can have many restrictions, and your site is at the mercy of others.

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) Hosting

Once your website gains enough traffic, you can switch to VPS, where you are allocated more CPU power and will handle traffic well. Unlike Shared hosting, you get more security and added features.

Dedicated Hosting

It’s the most expensive option since you have a server all to yourself, and guarantees that your site is always up. You can also have full access and is suitable for a fully developed online business with many clients.

Plans can start from $100, but it gets expensive since you must hire a system administrator to carry out maintenance to keep the server running.

Self-Service Hosting

In this plan you’re responsible for everything, from buying the servers, setting them up, purchasing the software and maintenance. For online businesses, you can stick with the other options.

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