{AM} Property Rental Script


{AM} Property Rental Script

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Get yourself a state-of-the-art property rental script and launch your own Rental Business in your area. We offer php script at a bargain price, compared to what you can purchase on the market. Sign up today and get instant access to your own Property rental management php script.


As you’re running a property company, developing a business website become more crucial these days. Gone are the days where you have to fully rely your business website on the programmers for scripting. Now there is Property Rental script from websites or programs that allow you to maintain it by yourself. A basic HTML and coding may still be fundamental but you won’t have to be expert on it. Instead of spending lot investments in programming like hiring programmer or spending years to learn the scripting and coding, you can consider some websites that provide real estate script.

Each business website categories may possess different script, including the real estate script. You can clone the property rental script from various websites and simply incorporate it into your own business website. Why should you use this specific real estate script? A website which has no website scripts is actually not a business website, it’s just a template. Real estate script allows you to have crucial feature for your property business including connected with social media, encryption, payment process, advertising, managing content and so forth. Beside being founded, these features are eligible to support the business, most business websites are using the website scripts, they should be. In fact, you can enable the features or functions can only by real estate script.

As you add the estate script, your property business website will be enhanced in term of quality. The addition will enable the important features and functions without building any program. However, the use of real estate script should be under official rights whether it’s free or paid. Any illegal usage of website script is clearly a violation which leads to penalty, punishment, even law sue. In fact, even a webmaster who is working on their client’s website should possess official rights.

If you want to develop your own property business website then the safest way is to look for those websites which offer specific real estate script and purchase it. Make sure that the script is suitable, high quality and worked. A proper script provider should offer a guarantee that the real estate script will perfectly work and has been debugged.However, if you’re on a tight budget or simply want to try the use of website scripts then you can consider the open source scripts which are distributed for free. There are several websites offer this type of website scripts. Well, they seem don’t offer any guarantee and problem often occurs as the scripts added to the business website.

The third way you can get the real estate script is through companies which resell the scripts. Well, it’s actually the same as the paid website script, the difference is that you get it from reselling agent which has the license to resell it as they play a key role in script distribution. You can also be on one of them as you get the real estate script from the provider which allow you to resell it. This type of script allows you to use it for a various purpose including commercial without worrying rights violation. As you use this real estate script, you can certainly widely use it to develop your property business through your website. In fact, you can build your own real estate websites, other websites, or simply sell scripts. Resell-able scripts are strongly recommended as you can gain more in such type of scripts. They also allow you use them in various application.

Website script has changed the trend of website creation. Online script provider is the most favorite place for web owner even webmaster to purchase scripts for their website. Scripts from cozy.co website clone or zora.io clone as well as rentberry.com clone script are certainly effective and efficient. The advanced website technologies including features and function are instantly available as you add real estate script to your business website. The great news is that web owner no longer has to invest more to hire a specific programmer for a long term to maintain the website. And the instant result can be gained from copying paid script provided by sites or simply get it for free. For example, you can copy rentberry.com clone script or zora.io clone script to your website. You wouldn’t have to learn in-depth scripting or coding to build your own website which is time-consuming and a lot of investments. You can improve the template of your business website with real estate script like from zora.io clone script.

Most of professional website script providers give a complete guidance or tutorial for installing the real estate script on the local host and real hosting. This allows you to have a safer networking environment. However, the paid services are suggested to you as property rental script will allow you not only to rent or sell the property but also to gain more advantages. Those include social network, Class ads, social bookmark, forum, and other features or functions which are absent in free services. The free scripts may provide your budget advantage but you won’t gain eligible features that are very important for your property business.

The price range of real estate script ranges from 50 dollars to 200 dollars. The price rate is actually determined by the scripts. As you take the expensive one, it’s still far cheaper than if you’re hiring a programmer or webmaster to build your property business website which can cost you a thousand dollars. As you’re running on business, it will be a resource-saving. If you’re lucky enough, there are periods where the providers may sell the real estate script at a discount. You can save your money and invest it in other most important aspects especially SEO. As the scripts will make your website eligible for e-commerce, SEO will make it findable. The SEO services will drive the traffic to your scripted property websites. The traffic should be targeted which means likely more people can reach and purchase your products.


  • MySQL (Version 5 or higher)
  • PHP (Version 5 or higher)
  • Apache Mod_Rewrite Enabled
  • GD Library



  • SEO friendly URL’s.
  • 100% Unencrypted source code.
  • Easily customizable
  • Free updates and support for one year.
  • You’re own branding at no extra cost.


Made with HTML5 and CSS
Uses Twitter Bootstrap 3
Fully responsive layout
SEO friendly URLs
3 user types (Tenant/ Landlord /Agent)
Landlords and agents can submit property listings.
All users are allowed to apply for property listings.
Property listing image galleries.
Automated Google map
Featured listings
Basic search features
Advance search with filters.
PayPal integrated. (You can optionally charge for active and featured listings).
User Dashboards.
Landlords and agents can manage applications.
Built-in contact form
Pages (About us / privacy policy / terms of user)


Responsive admin panel
Ajax page loading
Easy site settings system
Website settings section (Add Meta tags site title etc)
Select auto or manual approve listing summation.
Add unlimited property types.
Property management system
Payment settings.
Payment management system
User management system
Advertisement management system
Page management system


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