{AM} Directory – Yelp Clone Script


{AM} Directory – Yelp Clone Script

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Ever wanted to start your own online business directory? Now you can with {AM} Directory script, yelp clone script. Our script offers advanced statistics, user management and much more right out of the box. Script created with HTML5, mobile ready and enchanted with CSS3 so the script is next gen ready.


Yelp is a website intended to provide authentic and quality reviews about the businesses. It also helps the business to interact, share, collaborate and connect with the other users within the community. With a Yelp Clone Script, you will be able to launch an interactive website like Yelp. You can help the business owners to respond quickly to the reviews which can create repeat customers.

Why Do You Need a Yelp Clone Script?

Business Directory Script allows you to combine social networking and local reviews that helps you develop a strong and robust online community. It also has additional feature that gives you the power to filter and monitor unfriendly and spam content posted by the other users. Here are some of the features that you should expect when you choose our Yelp Clone Script.

The Dashboard

Compared to other dashboard that only allows you to track your online visitors, the Yelp Clone Script provides additional and essential metrics. You can now view the amount of orders, revenue and number of users, comments, review, and listing. You may use this to track the success of your website.

Additional SEO-Feature

With our Business Directory Script, you can easily take advantage on our SEO script. The Meta information that is included in the backend of the homepage helps the Google spider to extract a number of information from your website which helps them to crawls your website and improve your SERP ranking. We also included custom descriptions, titles, and keywords which aids the search engine bots when collecting information from your website.

Customised Fields

There are various ways on how you can customise your content and make it unique when you choose our Yelp Clone Script. The admin of the page can now modify their lists, comments, categories, and posts. They will also have a total control on the members and adjust their themes through the Admin Panel. Customise it in limitless ways until it suit your type of business.

Updates and Support

 By opting on our Yelp Clone Script, you will have free support and update for at least one year. With our unmatched expertise in the fields of domain, we can help you stay away from the mistakes that most people often commit. This will result in an improved efficiency and profitability of your business.


 We are armed with powerful technology that is supported with basic and advanced modules that will streamline the different process and save time which will improve the overall cost of the project. Our Yelp Clone Script there are also various ways on how you can make this venture profitable. You will now have the capacity to charge your members for listing or for upgrading their membership. You can design various plans with different levels of restrictions such as the amount of images they can upload and the number of fields.

With our Yelp Clone Script, you can also improve your engagement and rate of registration by connecting it with your other social media platforms. You can configure the script and designate the type of information that you will extract from your members social media profile.


  • MySQL (version 5 or higher)
  • MySQLi extension
  • PHP Version 5.4 or higher
  • Apache Mod_Rewrite Enabled
  • GD Image library


  • 100% Unencrypted source code.
  • Easily customizable.
  • Free updates and support for one year.
  • Your own branding without a extra charge.
  • Made with HTML 5 and CSS3.


  • Made with HTML5 and CSS
  • Uses Twitter Bootstrap 3
  • Fully responsive layout
  • SEO friendly URLs
  • Users can add businesses
  • Users can review businesses
  • Users can rate businesses (5 star rating)
  • User profiles
  • Business photos
  • Automated Google map
  • Business categories and subcategories
  • Featured businesses
  • Search features
  • Built-in contact form
  • Pages (About us / privacy policy / terms of user)


  • Responsive admin pane
  • Ajax page loading
  • Easy site settings system
  • Website settings section (Add Meta tags site title etc)
  • Select auto or manual approve user submitted reviews
  • Add unlimited categories
  • Business management system
  • Review management system
  • User management system
  • Advertisement management system
  • Page management system


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