• Powerful Scalability (AM) Products are scalable php scripts, suitable for small and big companies
  • Ready-to-run This script is ready to run with just few clicks. Or you can easily change anything you want
  • Boosting Features Our PHP Scripts are loaded with tons of useful features, shortcodes & tools to boost your website
  • Awesome Design Our Scripts are designed in clean php code with modern business style to support your needs.
  • Responsive & Mobile The (AM) PHP Website Script is fully responsive making your website to look great on any mobile device
  • Easy To Customize With our PHP Scripting products you get unlimited possibilities to customize the look of your website
  • Powerful Backend Homepage Constructor, Skin Manager, Style Customization, Google Fonts API
  • Flexible Layouts In our PHP Scripts you can combine your content elements as free as you wish, getting unlimited layouts

Why choosing {AM} PHP Sripts?

When developing a website, some people start from scratch. This will take a lot of time and money. When you start from the ground up, you need to ensure that the site caters to your specific needs. When you use PHP scripts, you will already have the framework for your website. The resulting website will have the functions that you need, whether it is an online dating site, online directory, or a product review site.

Check out our user friendly PHP Scripts:

Product Review Script
Viral Video Script
Dating website script
Yelp clone script
web hosting review script

Clone Scripts

Advantages of Using our PHP Scripts:

Easy to Set Up Scripts

Developers of PHP scripting make sure that the script they are making can be used by people with different levels of development experience. It already comes with various functionality, options, widgets, and a lot more that will make setting up the website much easier.

A PHP website script provides a lot of flexibility in creating the web design. Beginners will love the framework that comes with the script. It allows users to add more content with ease. Users with more advanced web development experience can use a PHP code as a starting point for the website. They can modify the code to make it do what they want it to do.

Wide Range of Choices

There are lots of PHP scripts on the market today. If you already have a particular design or functionality, then browse our products to find the right one for your website. There`s a description of what a script can do, which will make it easier to find the right one for the task .With lots of choices, the most difficult part of using PHP website script is to find the one that best fits the needs of the project.

Frequent Updates

When you buy a PHP code, you will receive support and updates for the future. That way you don`t need to worry about bugs and other issues that might come up over time. There are instances in which updates to scripts might break the design, and that is one area customer support can be helpful.

Built-In Functionality

PHP scripts have been designed to perform certain functions. For instance, buying the Product Review Script will allow the website to accept product reviews and customer ratings. Then there are common features that include search, social sharing, and contact forms. Make sure that the script is already SEO friendly.

Low Prices

PHP scripting can be expensive, especially if you hire a freelancer to do it for you. On the other hand, a PHP website script is cost effective in more ways than one. The costs of development and setup are offset by the built-in features. Plus, it is still much cheaper compared to paying a developer to do your custom website from scratch.
These are the things that you need to keep in mind when it comes to PHP scripts. Building a website is a complicated process that involves lots of decisions to make. Before choosing a product from AM Scripts, be sure that you already know what you want the website to achieve. This will make it easier to find the right script for the project.

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